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Randy Garrett
This 6’3”, 240-lb. teddy bear is the primary lifter of heavy equipment in the band and aptly earns his title of “Gross Mon” after being introduced as “The Big Guy” during the band's tours in Germany. Randy lives in the community of Buncombe, Georgia with his wife and three children.

In previous groups, Randy played rhythm guitar and mandolin but now holds things together nicely on upright bass. Often referred to as the vocal anchor of the group, he sings lead, covers many of the low bass vocals, but also sings a soaring tenor with equal ease.

An active member of Antioch Baptist Church, Randy teaches Sunday School and sings in the choir. He enjoys cheering on his kids in their sporting activities, and when he is not participating in sports himself he spends his quiet time eyeballing The History Channel, ESPN, or a good movie. As a 25-year veteran Lineman and Crew Leader with Georgia Power Company, sometimes Randy is hard to find during hurricane season.
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